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University of South Carolina at Lancaster

My Personal Philosophy on Teaching Art


Even though I am experienced in using diverse art media and studio processes, I am eager to learn and practice more.  It is important for me to read and research so that I can be knowledgeable about multiple cultural art forms, past and present.   I am definitely dedicated to making the visual arts accessible and meaningful to all students of all ages.

I feel that I am proficient in engaging students with a variety of learning styles and being sensitive to the needs and interests of individual students.  By means of professional development, I have become adept at using a variety of assessment techniques to evaluate teaching and learning.  However, I am open to new ideas.

I am actively involved in NAEA and state art educational organizations where I am a presenter on a regular basis.  Being an advocate for art education helps me articulate the importance of student learning in the visual arts to a variety of audiences.

Finally, as a reflective practitioner who keeps up with current literature and best practices, I will continue to create art because I am an artist as well as a teacher.


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